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La Valise

“I’d put you all in my suitcase and carry with me in Paris!”
I often find myself saying this to my friends, my mom, my dad, my sister, my granny..even my cat sometimes(when he recognize me and let himself to be pampered)!
The truth is that the price of living abroad is not so much in pizza which is never as good as back home (Wanna talk about it?), not in losting where half your clothes (and who does not want to put in case that t-shirt light green oil you for 6 years, you put only once, but that could always be an important day, and if you do not have it in the closet then you can not miss more than how to dress and you are forced to buy one identically?), having to buy double (triple?) shampoo, hair oil, moisturizer for the night, charging iphone, etc .. mica that you can always carry them up and down (ennnnò in case we need to put the preserves mom, aunt jam, etc …), BUT the fact that sometimes the thing that you would really feel at home is to call his mother at 4 pm and tell her “that i will do the flowers in batter? ‘” I come in half an hour drinking coffee with the little guy “, the friends always tell them” let’s have a coffee in ten minutes “or something like that .. and yet in the middle there are always those couple of hours of air.
Hence, mentro I try to stick to pack the oil light green t-shirt, costumes (it seems that we go a little bit on vacation in a few days) and zucchini flowers in batter beauty case, I would want to memorize you in as well, kindly refers to and take you away with me. Avoiding maybe to skip over the suitcase to close it. Here you are.
All this to say that I miss you always, now and then.
Ah, of course, some of you may recognize in the picture (yes, you’re right, you know who you are from) .. but the one with the purple ciabattazze, do not worry, that’s my grandmother!


Hand drawing & Photoshop



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