Lidia Dot Me | About
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About Me

My name is Lidia and I spent most of my life between Padova and Venice, Italy.

Since life has strange way of working out sometimes, I’m currently based in Paris.

I do things you see written in the menu below, but I’m always exploring new fields and lands. I keep doing them well because I hate things done badly.

I also try not to take myself  too seriously because, ultimately, I make a living by drawing pictures and inveting situations. I enjoy creating characters and stories based on my own dreams and everyday adventures, mixing facts and fictions, with a touch of clafoutis and autumn leaves.

I am also an architect but I would have probably made a good forest ranger or a fashion designer, who knows.

You can find me working at my desk, at the food market down the avenue or collecting toys spread around the living room by my 2 years old son.

The blog is an outpost of discoveries but also the window where my works in progress sometimes fly out.

This is my webdesk and when you pass by, just say hello as you would say to your baker!


I enjoy drawing and painting with pencil, ink or watercolor with a touch of digital at the end. I also love doing enterily digital illustration with only an initial pencil sketch.

Graphic Identity

I appreciate good graphic design and I love helping people and firms evolving their branding and imagery.

Editorial Design

I collaborate with some publishing houses as a graphic designer and illustrator.


I love drawing and painting by hand but I am a huge fan of  digital too. Here below you find the softwares that I feel more at ease with.